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Legal Stuff Template

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Legal Stuff Template is a document template filled with legal documents you should have on your website. Replace the highlighted areas with your own personal info so your website can have important legal pages.


This document template comes with the main legal pages your website should have when starting out. Replace the highlighted areas with your own info, and make a separate page for every headline.

License Agreement:
A License Agreement page that helps your customers understand what they can and cannot do with their purchases.

Terms of Service:
A Terms of Service page so users can get to know your website’s terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy:
A Privacy Policy page so users can understand how their personal information is collected and used.

Cookie Policy:
A Cookie Policy page that outlines how your website uses cookies and what they are used for.

A Disclaimer page that provides your visitors with info on external links and affiliates. Includes Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer.

Refund Policy:
A Refund Policy page for digital product sellers that kindly informs the customer why refunds are not available.

Add this template to your collection so you can level up, and get started faster.

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The most important legal documents you need for your website.

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Legal Stuff Template

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